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Perhaps, asking the question “Where do unexplored and unexploited talents go?” is like wondering where the fire goes once the candle is put out. Yet, what happens when artists renege on their duties? Does the Muse take back her abilities and pour them on a more co-operative medium, or do the abilities follow the artist to the grave? In order words, would the world still have had the Sonnets, Divine Comedy or the Iliad whether or not there were some Shakespeare, a Dante or a Homer? Continue reading

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But why does the Nigerian disdain the colours white and green? Why would the same Nigerian readily wrap her frame in the Israeli flag that has more white, or the former Libyan flag that has more green, than the Nigerian flag that is made up of the two colours. Freud would say that certain (insignificant) acts have deeper meanings and are at once effects and signs of hidden affective urges. Where these patriotic sentiments cannot be completely repressed and ignored altogether, they become corruptedly discharged. Continue reading

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