O people of the book!

I have been busy lately making new friends. And the spirit is leading me to introduce you to a bunch of prostitutes (ranging from ages 19 – 43) with whom I have grown VERY close. Before you shout “Blood of Jesus!” and “Holy ghost fire!”, let me inform you that they are characters in a novel I have been working on. Let us call this book WHORE LUCK. It is centred on a brothel somewhere in the outskirts of Kaduna town. Continue reading “INTRODUCING WHORE LUCK.”


SEX WORKERS: A Marginalised Group in Nigerian Literature.

There is hardly any other group that has been – and continues to be – underrepresented in Nigerian literature than sex workers. The marginalization of this class is so obvious that one would think that every new Nigerian writer passes through some confirmation rites during which he or she swears to perpetuate the age-old policy. Continue reading “SEX WORKERS: A Marginalised Group in Nigerian Literature.”