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Although no single language is complete enough to represent everything whether abstract or concrete, Noam Chomsky believes that it is possible to say and understand a virtually unlimited number of new things if one masters how to play by the rules governing word combination. In other words, to make infinite use of the finite number of words in one’s vocabulary, one must understand the patterning that underlies their combination. Continue reading

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The Burden of Poetizing: Review of Paul Liam’s Indefinite Cravings

As miners of imageries, poets erect derricks over the crust of the realm of imagination. And as it turns out more often, their first attempt either drill too deep for the thick crude or too shallow for the watery juice. Because of that, it might be premature to judge poets based on their debuts. Only through constant practice and perseverance can they then master the art of lowering the shaft to the proper depth. Apart from the quality of crude imageries the poet succeeds to suck up, other important tasks he or she must handle are refining and packaging. And this is where the poet’s mastery of his or her preferred language of communication comes to play. Continue reading

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