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The beardless small-statured man, who is easily mistaken for a ‘small boy’, is the most miserable among men. He is derided by the bearded twenty-one year old. He is pushed about and even knocked on… Source: BEARDS: THE HAVES AND … Continue reading

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Is there a connection between contemporary Caribbean and African literature?

Originally posted on Writivism:
By Alexis Teyie In October last year, Marlon James won the Man Booker Prize for his novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings. He is the first Jamaican-born author to win “Britain’s most prestigious literary award.”…

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50 Surprisingly simple ways to promote your book + more from Author Unlimited

Originally posted on Trish Hopkinson:
Author Unlimited is a writing resource site that recently gathered book promotional ideas from its author community for the following article. This site is loaded with great articles for writers and the writing life, including…

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One simple thing the association can do is decide henceforward to foot the transportation and boarding cost of shortlisted authors. I believe that the association is capable of doing that. If Saraba Magazine did that back in 2011, then I wonder what excuse ANA will want to put up in 2016. In addition, it wouldn’t be unreasonable if the winning prize money was increased to something above One Hundred Thousand Naira, and also if some provisions would be made for the first and second runners-up? We are talking about prizes organized by the largest association of writers in Nigeria and probably in the entire continent! Continue reading

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It was strange that Pastor Kingsley had no signs of leprosy or tuberculosis because the way he talked about the ‘glorious’ past of the Leper Colony, you would think that he used to be a beneficiary. You would think that back then, it was enviable to be leprous. Continue reading

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But why does the Nigerian disdain the colours white and green? Why would the same Nigerian readily wrap her frame in the Israeli flag that has more white, or the former Libyan flag that has more green, than the Nigerian flag that is made up of the two colours. Freud would say that certain (insignificant) acts have deeper meanings and are at once effects and signs of hidden affective urges. Where these patriotic sentiments cannot be completely repressed and ignored altogether, they become corruptedly discharged. Continue reading

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