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I am Uchenna Ekweremadu (with/out a middle name ). I write. Poetry and prose, mainly. Nonfiction too. My works have appeared in Grub Street, Coe Review, Saraba Magazine, Imitation Fruit Journal, The Write Room, Wilderness House Literary Review, A&U American AIDS Magazine, Kalahari Review, Sentinel Nigeria Literary, Flashquake and elsewhere. I have interests in music, photography and in ANY OTHER BUSINESS.

2017 AMLA Workshop: Call for Applications

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Today, technology is shaping our lives faster than forces of nature have done centuries. I have no doubt that even though my father’s whistling skill survived the age of the portable audio players such as the Sony Walkman, it couldn’t have survived the age of the more sophisticated digital players such as the iPod. Continue reading

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SEX WORKERS: A Marginalised Group in Nigerian Literature.

There is hardly any other group that has been – and continues to be – underrepresented in Nigerian literature than sex workers. The marginalization of this class is so obvious that one would think that every new Nigerian writer passes … Continue reading

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Perhaps, asking the question “Where do unexplored and unexploited talents go?” is like wondering where the fire goes once the candle is put out. Yet, what happens when artists renege on their duties? Does the Muse take back her abilities and pour them on a more co-operative medium, or do the abilities follow the artist to the grave? In order words, would the world still have had the Sonnets, Divine Comedy or the Iliad whether or not there were some Shakespeare, a Dante or a Homer? Continue reading

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Although no single language is complete enough to represent everything whether abstract or concrete, Noam Chomsky believes that it is possible to say and understand a virtually unlimited number of new things if one masters how to play by the rules governing word combination. In other words, to make infinite use of the finite number of words in one’s vocabulary, one must understand the patterning that underlies their combination. Continue reading

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Narrated by a somewhat intrusive omniscient, WRECKED is proof of how fluid life can be; how dynamic human nature is and what very little effort it takes to make the world a better place. Like the major character in the book, the author has no doubt contributed her own quota to re-making the world by equipping specifically the girl-child with such a book of case studies as WRECKED. Continue reading

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Psychoanalysing Abubakar Adam Ibrahim’s Season of Crimson Blossoms

Season of Crimson Blossoms is another complex story told in the most simplest of form. In summary, the story is about Hajiya Binta whose withering life finally gets to blossom at age fifty-five when she starts going to bed with … Continue reading

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DANTALA, THE CAT WITH NINE LIVES: A Review of Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday

Title: Born on a Tuesday Author: Elnathan John Publisher: Cassava Republic Number of pages: 261 Year of publication: 2015 Category: Fiction The problem with such books as Elnathan John’s Born on a Tuesday is that they set higher standards for … Continue reading

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WHEN THE GODS ARE SLOW TO ACT: A Review of Friday John Abba’s Alekwu Night Dance

Title: Alekwu Night Dance Author: Friday John Abba Publisher: Write Words Consulting Number of pages: 115 Year of publication: 2013 Category: Play A member of Council, a supposed pillar in the land, is driven by nothing short of envy and … Continue reading

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THE ILLUSION OF THE ‘HEALTHY IMMIGRANT’: A Note on Rudolf Ogoo Okwonko’s This American Life Sef

Title: This American Life Sef Author: Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo Publisher: Winepress Publishing Number of pages: 94 Year of publication: 2016 You behold America the beautiful. The triple-decker burger and the giant cup of coke and cars that are wider than … Continue reading

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