Inspirational Musings is a book of fifty-two seemingly unrelated chapters all of which, however, constitute a wholesome dose. You begin to feel the potency of the book from the ‘Introduction’, at which point you cannot help but make up your mind to finish the book as soon as possible rather than stick to the author’s prescription that you read one chapter a week which should see you reading the 52nd chapter at the last week of the year.

This is not one of those ‘how-to’ books which claim to be cure-alls as can be seen from the ‘Introduction’ where the author makes it clear that “Inspirational Musings is … designed to answer some questions…” secondly, this book is different from a lot of other self-help books is that it is not only an advocate of the ‘can-do’ mindset but also a guide for a success-studded and frustration-free life.

It will surely strike the reader that in an age when are daily taught that we are the masters of the universe, when most of the motivational and possibility thinking books in circulation remind us that we are the captains and pilots of our own fates, Inspirational Musings seems comfortable with the notion that even the smartest of us still need the ‘God factor’ to succeed in our endeavours. Ojuolape is not preaching that we fold our arms and wait under the tree for God to make us champions. On the contrary! His position is that since life most certainly extends beyond the realm of the physical, humans would also need spiritual buoys if they must remain afloat in life’s ocean.

A lot of people avoid motivational/inspirational books mainly because most of their writers are nothing more armchair coaches. Almost everyone would attest to knowing motivational speakers who neither appear nor act motivated; who do not practice what they preach. But from all indications, Adegboyega Ojuolape is not one in that category. With over a decade of navigating the peaks and troughs of entrepreneurship, he has earned the right to be listened to and taken seriously. He is the head of Adegboyega Ojuolape Group of Companies and the founder of PROJECT 774, which is reputed to be “the biggest entrepreneurship development programme in Africa” with the goal of producing “a million entrepreneurs in Nigeria in 20 years”. Come October, he is set to be co-ordinating the first ever made-in-Nigeria goods carnival.

After all that has been said, Inspirational Musings is also a ‘how-to’ book. It will surely make a great sourcebook for those hoping to attain and sustain healthy relationships whether vertical (God ̶ man) or horizontal (man ̶ man). Moreover, it advocates emotional, psychological and physical fitness. It is that kind of book that admonishes and encourages us to flee our comfort zones; to not just dream but to also act. I recommend this book for anyone desirous to grow from being a mere achiever to a super-achiever.




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