Despite the fact that every new kitchenware that comes into the home chops off a portion of the man’s stature, today’s man has not yet realised that the greatest threat to his manhood is not the feminist movement but mechanised kitchenware. While (nonviolent) feminists are only asking for gender equity, revolutionised kitchenware are clamouring for much more. Already, such appliances as the yam pounder and the gas cooker have won the woman over such that she is no longer attracted to the man’s strength and skills at wood-cutting and pestle-wielding.
Back in the eighteenth century as the Industrial Revolution swept through Europe and led to the downsizing of workers, the French fought back by throwing their wooden shoes (called sabot) into the factory machinery with the hope of destroying it but only succeeded in giving us the word “Sabotage”. But whereas the French workers (and their English colleagues who were nicknamed “Luddites”) knew their enemy and tried in their own ways to fight it, it is yet to dawn on today’s man that he ought to devote his very life to resisting radicalised kitchenware which has drastically rendered him dispensable.
Man’s continuous indifference to the gradual seizure of his position modern kitchenware is nothing short of suicide. To win back his former place in the home and also in the woman’s life, he has to wake up to the fact that there’s a war going on. He has to be willing to fight and put an end to the excesses of technologised kitchenware. Although there’s no guaranty that today’s man would be luckier in his fight back than the French and the English were in the Industrial Revolution era, not trying at all is worse than trying and failing.

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