Isn’t it interesting how history often repeats itself?

Just days ago, the same lowly Mary (mother of Jesus) who was elevated to immortality by Angel Gabriel’s singular visitation has also elevated another lowly virgin to stardom. She chose to appear and communicate to the teenage daughter of one Mr. X, an orthodox/protestant family living in the outskirts of Kaduna town. As you read this, the entire perimeter of the compound has been declared holy ground. Even the well in the compound has been blessed by a priest so that people expectant of God’s touch could draw water therefrom and drink or even take home for friends and family.

Not too long ago, more people would have labeled such news of divine manifestations as a sham. They would even ridicule those that seem to believe it. But recent happenings would show a complete turn-around of that trend. What has caused this change, you might wonder. Your guess is as good as mine.

The age of reason is also that of gullibility. Otherwise, how do you explain that highly educated ladies fall over each other to be laid by a ‘man of God’ who claims to have the only solution for their barrenness? How do you explain that professors prostrate to kiss the soles of one ‘man of God’ as a mark of their loyalty to heaven? But that is a matter for another day.

The news about town is that delegates of the Church have been visiting the ground from both within the country and as far away as the Vatican. It is most likely that mass would be held at the ground this coming Sunday. It is also said that the Vatican has invited the fortunate teenage girl.

The erstwhile worthless cottage of Mr. X has become something else since after Holy Mary’s visit, to the extent that soldiers had to be deployed to ensure orderliness by the crowd that daily throng the place. The land itself has become so valuable that word around town has is that the Church has decided to purchase it with money sent all the way from Rome.

“What if for some personal reasons Mr. X refuses to sell?” I ask.

“Well”, shrugs my mother who first cast me a disappointing look, “they’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.” She doesn’t mean they would threaten or blackmail him as Mr. Michael Corleone is wont to do. Rather, she means they could offer him nine or ten times the worth of the land. She should know how these things work, my mother. She was a Catholic as a child.

“Isn’t he lucky,” I whistle.

I beg you not to be displeased that this news doesn’t seem to be covered by both local and foreign media ass it would have if this sighting had been reported in America or Europe. CNN and BBC would have kept bombarding you with updates on the case until you beg them to stop.

Apart from indirectly intervening in the economic life of some erstwhile unknown family, the teenage girl who had had the encounter with the Virgin Mary has been left with so much power and anointing that even the cripple come in contact with her and start walking. They say she hardly finds time to even eat these days, due to the growing number of people that are to be prayed for and healed. I met a guy just two days ago who claimed to have touched the wall on which Mary had leaned. According to him, the Holy Mother’s form has been left on the wall, dripped olive oil that could also heal.

When I wondered why the Virgin Mary didn’t choose to visit my rathole so that I would be the one in the centre of this vortex, my friends were quick to remind me that the teenage girl was still a virgin. Well, I might not be a virgin (I am not saying that I am not one) but I am definitely not the most sinful in God’s Books.

The message Virgin Mary brought from the Great Beyond is that the sins of the world is reaching boiling point while heaven’s mercy is reaching breaking point. In addition, she warned that the blood of the innocent which are unjustly killed daily is crying louder and louder at Heaven’s Gate.

At least, it is some consolation that heaven is aware of all the innocent blood being shed daily in this country. If for nothing, it reinforces your suspicion that there is God.

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