The National Library and the Kaduna State Library, both of which stand along Bida Road, are pleasant sights to behold. To help convince the passer-by is the imposing statue in front of the National Library of a man leaning on a stack of voluminous books. The picture is perfect, so long as you are just passing by. Just a peep into either of the libraries and you would designate them white-washed tombs housing dusty and dry bones. The problem is, you cannot even get to peep into the National Library because the gate has been locked up since September, 2017; because the workers are on strike for I-don’t-know-why. Continue reading “GUSAU INSTITUTE: AN IDEAL CENTRE OF LEARNING”



If you cannot offer a shoulder, at least offer a handkerchief.

These days, Heartbreak Hotel is filling up at a higher rate than heaven and hell put together. Two guests hardly check out before seven others show up at the lobby. The Porter is even telling me that a lot of guests are requesting for permanent keycards because they are not sure they might be checking out any time soon.

I had hardly finished with dinner (three wraps of agidi and a bottle of Pepsi) when the full moon began to plague my feet with the itch for a stroll. And against my wish, I found myself taking that quiet and lonely and dully-lit boulevard at the end of which stands Heartbreak Hotel. As I have made the acquaintance of the porter owing to the fact that I used to be a regular customer, I thought of stopping by and saying hello. Continue reading “HEARTBREAK HOTEL”


We all enjoy playing God, watching our fellow humans from a reasonable distance; smiling and/or frowning at their actions/inactions. Snipers get a stronger shot of this God-taste in that in a flick of the finger they can knock the life out of a person and send him or her to hell without giving the latter time to confess and repent of their sins. We all enjoy playing God, studying people both strangers and familiars, most times without their knowledge or consent. Continue reading “PEOPLE-WATCHING”


O people of the book!

I have been busy lately making new friends. And the spirit is leading me to introduce you to a bunch of prostitutes (ranging from ages 19 – 43) with whom I have grown VERY close. Before you shout “Blood of Jesus!” and “Holy ghost fire!”, let me inform you that they are characters in a novel I have been working on. Let us call this book WHORE LUCK. It is centred on a brothel somewhere in the outskirts of Kaduna town. Continue reading “INTRODUCING WHORE LUCK.”


Inspirational Musings is a book of fifty-two seemingly unrelated chapters all of which, however, constitute a wholesome dose. You begin to feel the potency of the book from the ‘Introduction’, at which point you cannot help but make up your mind to finish the book as soon as possible rather than stick to the author’s prescription that you read one chapter a week which should see you reading the 52nd chapter at the last week of the year. Continue reading “ON ADEGBOYEGA OJUOLAPE’S INSPIRATIONAL MUSINGS”