From all indications, there is no other place in this world where the curse upon the snake pronounced in the bible Book of Genesis is enforced than in Nigeria. From the cradle, the Nigerian is taught that any limbless creature is to be feared more than even lions and dragons. This is evident in the way the average Nigerian child dreads the earthworm which it wrongly calls ‘snake’.




Once upon a time, I had the misfortune of sharing a compound with a wonderful couple who were so obviously in love with each other they would openly kiss and make weak (read ‘sexy’) eyes at each other. Imagine that! In a public compound! In Nigeria! Imagine that degree of love!

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'Tear', by Madeline Becker

Just the other day, I find myself, for the umpteenth time, flipping to Act 2 Scene 3 of Hamlet, to that part where a band of travelling artists arrives the palace immediately after which Hamlet asks one of them to perform the sacking of Troy and the killing of King Priam. I like how the erstwhile composed and eloquent artiste suddenly turns shaky-voiced and teary-eyed the moment he starts describing Queen Hecuba at the sight of her husband being cut to pieces. I like how, at the end of the performance, Hamlet thinks of the artiste and wonders aloud: “What’s Hecuba to him, or he to Hecuba/ that he should weep for her?” I have always been moved by the bewildered tone with which Hamlet asks that question. More importantly, I have always liked how that question leads me to another work of fiction where characters get to shed tears for those they hardly even know. Continue reading “THAT TEARY FEELING”

Noirledge Releases locomotifs and other songs

TITLE: locomotifs and other songs
AUTHOR: Tosin Gbogi
GENRE: Poetry
ISBN: 978-978-55560-7-0
EXTENT: 96 pages.
FORMAT: Paperback
PUBLISHER: Noirledge Limited, Ibadan, Nigeria
PUBLICATION DATE: Monday, August 6,2018.

Noirledge is glad to announce the release of locomotifs and other songs, the widely anticipated second collection of poems by poet and scholar, Tosin Gbogi.
The collection is a brilliant adventure in lyricism and features poems exploring such diverse themes as love, nationhood, travels across three continents, politics, religion, colonial legacies and the sharp pains of a world in search of healing. In locomotifs and other songs, we are presented with a poet determined to create his own poetic signature, in the process drawing from eclectic literary traditions across time and space. Rendered in weighty and thoughtful diction, this collection presents the private and the public in a language that is both remarkably frank and audacious!

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Life Cycle of Heartbreak (Step 1).

Heartbreak, by Maiko Hudson
Heartbreak, by Maiko Hudson

You’ve just been dumped.

I know, it is a cruel word to use. “DUMPED”. The very sound of it makes you mad. It makes you feel like a broken gadget, doesn’t it? It makes you feel like a rotten fruit or a plate of food thrown into the garbage bin, doesn’t it? Well, as the saying goes, no use living in denial. So, let’s agree you have been DUMPED.  Continue reading “Life Cycle of Heartbreak (Step 1).”